Custom Painting Service

A Boutique Approach to High Performance Coatings

We take a boutique approach to each craft.

We work with private clients, and aeronautical companies to cater every project to individual needs and visions. With extreme focus and micro-level attention, we co-design, prep, repair and paint aircraft, floats and more for safety, beauty, and speed.

Our clients come to us with a range of requests that include inventions, patents, prototypes, aeronautical, and aviation projects.

How We Do Aircraft Painting & More

Creating Beauty, Speed and Everything in Between
A comprehensive approach to painting airplanes and crafts, this is not just a new paint job. We work with clients hand in hand to determine their ultimate goal–aesthetics or performance. This determines not only the amount and type of paint, but the prep and labor needed for optimal results. With an understanding of the critical safety and performance needed to fly, float and go fast, we ensure structural/surface integrity before we finish. We prep and paint every surface of each craft with painstaking precision and detail – down to the finest sandpaper grit and the palm of our hand.

The Custom Process

Using a careful protocol to ensure excellence, our labor-intensive process requires focus and time.





Want a custom design?

Let Cascade Customs and Design help you design your perfect paint scheme!

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