About Us

CCD Since 2015

The Aerodynamic Duo
Cascades Customs evolved naturally when two brothers who crave excellence joined skills, experience, and passions to produce some of the finest painted crafts in the country. Cascade Customs’ refined eye for excellence and their conscientious approach with each customer led to an accelerated takeoff– from a backyard garage to two hangars at the Bend Airport in a year and a half. Multi-talented with veterans in the industry, the team applies real-world aeronautical, engineering, design and body shop experience to create not just stunning showpieces, but aerodynamically superior craft.

Meet Our Team

Steven Bird


Steven combines an uncompromising business commitment to customer service with deep experience. Starting in Lancair’s paint department, which became Columbia Aircraft, then Cessna, Steve grew up working and playing with planes. He quickly mastered his understanding of every facet of aerodynamics and mechanics through his work and management roles, including Paint Shop Manager, Research and Development for the Engineering Department and working for customer service as a traveling repair tech.

Brian Bird


Since high school, Brian has pursued his passion for painting. From his first bodyshop job where he felt simple reds and blues wouldn’t do, he moved into painting airplanes for Columbia Aircraft. After a brief career as a power company lineman, he returned to Bend and quickly picked up projects painting nautical floats in 2014 in his garage. His work brought the business to life. Brian collaborates with clients to bring their vision to life, then hand sketches each design. You’ll often find him painstakingly inspecting for pinholes and contours in the hangar.

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